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I am looking to design a helideck with Aluminium as its material. I will be using the ASTM or UK standards, but I failed to look up any material based on Aluminium, it is either steel and Stainless steel. 

Is there a way I could enter my own parameters like density? 

Please help.


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Under the manage button/Create User Profiles you can build your own library of custom shapes. Within that function at the end you can add the material/density. The explanation of this is in the user manual found under the Help button and on page 18. I notice we need to add to the manual the last part of the command where it asks

Do you want to edit analysis parameters (yes,no)?

If you say yes you can ad mass properties to the member for extraction to other analysis programs

Also if you want send to us the profile data and we can add it to the RhinoBIM database to make it generally available.

Chee, did this help?

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