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I've just downloaded the RhinoBIM trial to see if it lives up to my expectations for use in a professional context. 

It seems I can create Rhino geometry, assign steel cross-sections using Rhino-BIM and export IFC files for use in other programs.

When trying to import an IFC file into Rhino, however, I get a message "IFC Import: 0 objects imported" and no objects are added to the document. This happens with IFC files created in other programs but also with IFC files created and exported with RhinoBIM. Clearly this is no good since this is all about sharing data with other programs! The export seems ok, I can open the IFC file in other programs such as Revit.

Any ideas why that my be? Is this a limitation of the trial version or is it a bug?



For reference, please find attached two files:

a Rhino model with a steel cross-section assigned to a single line. 

an IFC file created from the Rhino file using RhinoBIM. This is the file I could not open with/ import into Rhino.

I am using Rhino 5 64-bit, SR 10.

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Hello - any update on this? Are other users experiencing the same issues?

Did RhinoBIM develop an IFC importer for Rhino?  Last I looked it was export only.  

I think you're using the Asuni VisualArq importer that is in a new state.  I get the same message with your file.

You can try importing using ggRhinoIFC from http://www.geometrygym.com/downloads and it looks fine to me.  But this won't enable round tripping or importing into RhinoBIM.



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