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I am quite embarrassed to write:

I installed Rhino5 and RhinoBIM in sequence. Upon doing so, I open Rhino5 and can find no evidence of RhinoBIM whatsoever, or help documents. 

Isn't there some sort of "getting started" tutorial, so I can jump right in to mapping structural members on my NURBS and meshes?

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I encountered an installation warning about something like "must close autodesk moldflow." I have attempted a few installation "repairs" also one uninstall/reinstall/restart. I still don't see the elusive "structure" button... and typing command "structure" doesn't work either.

ok i got it. I was confused by the multitude in the "windows start program group". There is "Rhino5," then "Rhino5 32bit," then "rhino64. Of course I should have started rhino64 now I have the Command: _RhinoBIM_STR

Glad you figured that out. Any other problems send me an email at rick@vbtllc.com



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