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I recently downloaded the 90 trial of Rhinoceros 5 and then also the RhinoBIM trial. I have been playing around (as that is all I can do at the moment) with RhinoBIM. It seems to have a potential to be a very good product but I am missing and understanding of what I believe would be key features of said product.

First off their are very few tutorials, and those that are available are for advanced components or just for Rhino in its purely 3D form. Yes I have looked over the manual that is included with Rhino, but a list of processes does nothing for my want to construct structural components.

Secondly where are the connection types? By that I mean a way to show when two beams are connected together via bolt or weld. I have not been able to access anyway to place these with the little that I have learned through trial and error.

Thank you


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There is a help manual you can find under the HELP tab at the right top of the RhinoBIM menu. I also have an updated version we have been working on I can send to you. Give me your direct email address and its on its way.


Hi Rick,

Would you also let me have a copy of your current manual.  I am particularly interested in the structural design/analysis element of this set of software.  The current manual from the help screen includes the basic operations of adding structure to the project and other items but has nothing on the actual design of a structure.  You should have my e-mail as I have just bought a copy of the commercial version now available.


Alwyn J Bull

hi Rick

I agree with what he writes Tyler. It would be useful to have bolted and welded connections.
It would also be useful to be able to do the work as cuts and punctures in the beams.
I would also ask why the profile sections are simplified rather than being drawn with the correct radius fillet web?
could serve at least when it is converted to NURBS.
thanks and congratulations for the work done.

Hi Sergio

Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate hearing these kind of comments so we know what to put in our list for further development.

Regarding your question about cuts and punctures

McNeel has developed a core program of entities and routines that we use. One entity they developed, per our request was a "Light Weight Extrusion" entity. This allow us to extrude a profile and display it and store it with a light weight modeling file sizes. In editing it we are limited to trimming the ends by a plane. If you want to add cuts and punctures you can do this by converting them to a NURB. This can be done in two ways. Under the RhinoBIM/Manage tab and the routine Translate/Convert to NURBS, you can select any structure or group and convert to a NURB or you can select a structure and then use the Rhino/Explode command and then the Rhino/Join command. Then you can edit it and detail it using any Rhino based tool to cut, puncture, multi planar end cuts, etc. But the structure becomes heavier and you lose the ability to use the RhinoBIM's edit functions.

We have discussed this issue with McNeel to put on their list a way to maintain the LWE and have the ability to treat them like a NURB to fully edit it. They said this is on their list.




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