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I don't have Rhino5, and therefore, I do not have RhinoBIM.


Can someone please tell me if Rhino5 or RhinoBIM supports the creation of 2D drawings?


Rhino 4 had an add-in called 'Section Tools' or something like that.  However, the general functionality and level of development left more to be desired.  I thought I heard or read somewhere that developing 2D drawings was possible in Rhino5 / RhinoBIM.  Is that true?  Is the associativity bi-directional?


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Rhino V5 has the ability to generate dimensioned 2D views and drawings. What you are doing is dimensioning the 3D model in a view. They are not fully associative because the dimensions do not change if you edit the 3D model. If you want more control and association try the VisualARQ plugin for drawing generation. RhinoBIM does not have drawing generation functionality.

It's awesome that I can create a section and have everything automatically dimensioned.


How do I do that?

ARQ looks amazing...waiting for my admin to install it.

Thanks for that tip!



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